New Blog?

I have been thinking of starting a new blog. I want to start a story or I guess even a diary of sorts where I (the fictional character ) talk of my day to day goings on. A little stumped on the story at the moment, but wanted to ask opinions and possibly any advice you guys would have?


And should I tell people its a work of fiction? Or leave it as is? I am a little concerned that people may think its real (unlikely) but you never know. 

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Good vs Evil. The issues of Social Media.

Social media connects people like minded people, but sometimes not so nice. Social media for all it’s good and amazing qualities also has bad ones. While it can connect you to people all over the world, connections with your immediate network (family and friends).

It all comes down to the individual. It gives you the power and pardon the cliche but whether you use them for good or evil is up to you. Social media can be awesome, and if used for the right reasons and for the more amorous users in moderation. Having said that though, what are the right reasons? Social media in all it’s forms is a place, a sanctuary of sorts where people can create there own content and freely express their own opinions, whether they are perhaps offensive or not. This can cause friction and an ugly label slapped on social media as if it was its fault. Social media is a tool, a medium for how you express yourself. Responsibility of the individual.

The great thing about social media is the ability to remain anonymous or to the extent you wish to be. It is again up to individual on the boundaries, of how much information that you put out there. Privacy on the internet can be a hard line to balance on. How much information to keep to yourself? How much can you share? Or want to share?

There’s many issues with social media unfortunately, but I think the good outweighs the bad. What do you think?

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Time to reflect

The end. Sad to think, what a great unit though. My favourite type of social media? I’m a bit of a social media bandit. I have Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, Instagram, youtube, wordpress and snapchat. The ones I use the most would be tumblr, snapchat and probably Facebook (though I don’t use it too often).

My favourite I think would be tumblr, as if I had to think hard about that one 🙂 I think while definitely being a more visual kind of social media, that it kind of has a bit of everything.

I wasn’t too surprised I don’t think about libraries presence on social media. With the rise in use and popularity, it’s defiantly a smart decision, to in this case to stick with the trends.

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What benefits could using a photo sharing site such as Flickr or Instagram have for a library?

Like video sharing, photo sharing is visual based. Photos or even graphics taking place of videos. Photo sharing would be a great opportunity and a new, different way of exhibiting their collection. Also with everyone with smartphones, having the ability to snap a pic it seems is the new way to connect and express ourselves.

Libraries could use sites such as Flickr and Instagram for promoting the library and it’s collection, also getting to see the inner workings of the library. It would be an interesting way of receiving feedback, someone taking a happy snap of a book they’ve borrowed.

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What benefits could using video sharing sites such as youtube have for a library?

Smartphones. Cameras. Smartphones with cameras. With all this whiz bang new tech, it’s no wonder that video sharing has exploded and become the second most popular form of social media.

YouTube being the most popular form of video sharing. With 12,600,000 users in Australia alone. There’s a huge variety of channels such as, games and game walkthroughs, news channels, channels that represent organisations, tutorials on anything and everything, there’s plenty more where that came from.

Libraries could use youtube for a number of things. As I’ve said before OUTREACH! For potential patrons, youtube is a fantastic way of reaching people that may be more visual earners or a preference for video sharing.

Libraries can post tutorials/instructional videos on just about anything. You could have tutorials on how to use equipment in the library such as; the printer or photocopier.

Q&A videos would also be good way of responding to clients questions, also a way of responding to feedback from customers. Libraries could promote new collections, and promote events at the library. The libraries’ channel could also have book reviews or reviews of the collection. Libraries could put up audio books to promote new books at the library.

Just one of the amazing ways that libraries can adapt to the rise of all this new tech.

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Their ancestors, warriors
They’re warriors.
Stained with infamy.
Some worship them,
others fear them.

Splendid coloured costumes,
haunt their enemies.
They’re remembered on the battlefield.
Often recalled in history for their vindictive actions.
The king would wear a magnificently coloured headress into battle.

The knights of the eagle,
and of the jaguar.
These warriors are fierce and not to be toyed with.

When they came,
the pale faces.
They searched for gold and treasure alike.
But when Cortes,
layed his eyes upon it.
That wonderous city.
He thought it must be heaven.

The conquisadors
called them heathens.
So with their fire sticks,
caped in blood they slaughtered these warriors.
They degraded them with satire.

They will rip out your heart,
and offer it to the gods.
But there was one god.
He was the god of the sun and war.

Huitzilopochtli, the most feared and
adored of the gods.
He would arise at dawn and fight at dusk.
He craved human blood.

And when Cortes dared walk the
hollow streets of that city again, he felt
as if he was being watched by ghosts.

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I am

I see through the horizon at World’s End.
I speak with the humming of the wind.
I breathe through the rhythmic waves of the seven seas.
I hear at the hands of all creatures on land and beneath the oceans.
I bleed the luminescent stars of the night sky.

I am the angels that perch on cathedral walls.
I am the faith that lingers in the heavy depths of your soul.
I am a guide for lost spirits.
I am the wings that karma swiftly flies on.

I am the light of the garish sun that enlivens the skies.
I am the omniscient darkness, that resides in the far corners of your heart.
I am the tree’s roots, burried deep to the Earth’s core.
I am the steady roar of your heart.

My heart is a river of tears. Tears belonging to those who grieve.
My body, the majestic mountains and vast shallow valleys.
My womb, the tree, where all life began.


What benefits could using a microblogging site such as twitter have for a library?

Twitter is all about keeping it short and sweet. It’s perfect for your smartphone, taking it with you everywhere, constantly updating with new information. You have the ability to control what content you see and what you don’t see.

Libraries can benefit from the use of twitter because like other social media, it is a way of reaching a certain dynamic of people that you couldn’t before. Everyone has a preference about the social media they use, how they like to receive their content or create their own.

Using twitter libraries can reach people that maybe prefer a small and succinct 140 characters as opposed to a lengthy essay of information. Using twitter we can stay up to date with the library industry trends (, keep up with current events and keep up with clients. We can also respond to questions from clients, respond to feedback and encourage people to use the library and its resources.

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What benefits would using social networking sites such as facebook have for a library?

Social networking sites such as facebook allow for online and even global communities to emerge. It allows people to connect that might have never connected before. Facebook especially as a social media type is alot more personal than others. It requires your real name and soem details about you, unlike other social media sites where we can have usernames or other alias’ that can keep us anonymous.

Facebook for libraries is a way for them to connect and share in a way that they couldn’t before. It provides outreach, and a way to interact directly with people that wouldn’t or couldn’t walk through the door. There are approximately 13,200,000 facebook users in Australia as of May 2014. That is 13,200,000 people to share information with, that is 13,200,000 connections for libraries to make, and that’s just in Australia. Also libraries can connect and communicate with other libraries.

Also libraries can advertise what’s going on at the library such as events, new collections arriveing at the library and promotions at the library or even in the community especially in the case of public libraries. We can also receive feedback and respond to feedback directly through not just facebook but most other social media types.

Libraries can also share resources, and give access to clients to online resources through their facebook page. Libraries can only benefit from the use of social networking. It’s a step in the right direction and a step into the future. It’s an invaluable and almost unlimited rexource at your fingertips.



Harmon, C., & Messina, M. (n.d.). Using social media in libraries (1st ed.).

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